"The GardenBliss solar lighting is wonderful.  I bought 4 boxes, 40 lights and brought them back to Kenya with me, where I have a house that is all solar powered out near the bush in Mara (one of the animal reserves in Kenya).  I had 10 old solar garden lights that I bought from a departing American back in 2014, that we had placed along the walkways around the house and leading to various outdoor patio sitting areas.  But those 10 were so small and dim compared to these GardenBliss lights!   We put them all up and waited for night.  The whole yard and garden areas lit up like stars on the ground and it is awesome!!!"

Dr Carol J Watson, Kenya 

"They sent email before product arrived to explain how product works. They responded promptly to my inquiry. It was a pleasure to do business with them! The product is working fine. My walk is well lit at night!"

Loretta Kastin, NY


Transforming your Outdoor Spaces

At GardenBliss our goal is to provide products that help you get the utmost enjoyment from your garden and transform your outdoor spaces. And to help you do this with environmentally friendly products.

Your experience isn't just about our products, you will receive great service before and after the products arrive. Now everyone says that right? But let us tell you below why giving you outstanding customer experience is central to what GardenBliss are about



GardenBliss Solar Lighting

Our products are super easy to install. There are no wires and anyone can do it. Assemble and install in less than a minute. Just push them into the dol and they will come on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn! Our products at weather proof and long lasting. They are designed to withstand rain, snow and sun. They also contain premium LEDs with a 20,000 hours life. We do everything we can to give you incredible value and quality. An example of value are providing 10 packs and two height options. An example of quality is that we polycrystalline solar panels which keep your lights on longer and brighter than amorphous solar panels and they also work much better on cloudy days. 


Being Environmentally Friendly

You can use the sun's energy to light your outdoor spaces and save energy and cost. Your lights will remain on for up to eight hours with a full charge and sometimes even longer using the latest LED technology.


Our Passion for Customer Service

One of the reasons our company founders set up the company was because the believe that they and other customers like them were just not getting anywhere near the level of service they deserve.

You will find us easy to work with from the moment you deal with us. You will also find our team's genuine passion to ensure you are completely satisfied before and long after you purchase.

We back this up with a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied we will give you your money back