Q) My lights aren’t coming on?

A) Please ensure the battery tabs are removed and the switch is turned to the ON position. These are both found inside the lens which twists to remove. You can see the full details in the instructions

Q) If I have a problem with one light or part do I have to return the whole box?

A) No please contact us at contact@gardenblissproducts.com and we will happily resolve this for you

Q) How do I fully charge the batteries and ensure the lights stay on for the maximum amount of time?

A) Expose the solar light to direct sunlight for at least eight hours to fully charge the batteries. Don’t forget to remove the solar panel protective layer. Also you can remove the batteries and charge them in a battery charger.

Q) Can I use normal batteries?

A) This product works with rechargeable batteries only. What type of batteries do I need?

Q) Are they weather proof?

A) Yes they are designed to withstand heat, cold, rain and snow.

Q) What heights and dimensions of the lights?

A) The taller height option is 12 inches tall and the smaller height option is 7.75 inches. The ground stake goes 3.85 inches into the ground. The light head has a diameter of 4.5 inches at its widest part

Q) Where do I get spares?

A) Please contact us at contact@gardenblissproducts.com

Q) I have another question?

A) No problem, please see our trouble shooting tips below, otherwise please contact us at contact@gardenblissproducts.com

  • Switch on. Your light may have an ON/OFF switch. Ensure it is in the ON position. On some products this switch is hidden underneath the lid and inside the lens, which needs removing

  • Remove tab. Check that the battery tab had been pulled out

  • Charge batteries. Expose the solar light to direct sunlight for at least eight hours.

  • Avoid shady areas. Position the solar lights where they will receive eight hours of direct sunlight for optimal performance. 

  • Other light sources. Keep the light away from street or other lights as these may cause the sensor to switch the light off

  • Replace batteries. After many months of use replace the batteries with rechargeable AA 1.2V NiMH batteries. Switch the light off before replacing the batteries